March 12, 2024

Optimizing Campaigns for Seasonal Events


Eventbrite is a leading global event technology platform that provides events with tools and resources to seamlessly plan, promote, and produce live experiences. The platform allows event creators to manage, sell, and grow their events through robust tools that streamline operations and improve ticket sales and allows people to discover unique experiences in their cities.


Creatives delivered in 28 days


Undershot target


Eventbrite partnered with Shook Digital to streamline and structure its approach to more effectively engage and activate its diverse audience on TikTok. The collaboration was set to boost Eventbrite's brand awareness and drive event discovery amongst users, particularly focusing on the UK and US markets during the festive season. Crafting and identifying high-performing creative concepts and selecting creators who could genuinely resonate with Eventbrite's target demographic was a critical component for success. The campaign sought to achieve efficient advertising spend (cost per acquisition - CPA) while expanding Eventbrite's market reach through engaging, relevant content tailored for TikTok's unique platform.


To address the challenge and objectives, Shook devised a creative testing strategy that employed a mix of content themes such as "Most Affordable Activities" and "What to Do During Christmas?" across both the UK and US markets. The campaign featured a total of 36 distinct assets, created in collaboration with TikTok creators localized to New York City and London, focusing on varied hooks, narratives, and calls to action (CTA) designed to spark interest and drive engagement.

"The Shook Digital team seamlessly brought our vision to life through a series of captivating TikTok ads. The entire process was smooth and remarkably swift, showcasing their expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality results. They were always open to iterating based on quick feedback and the result was amazing!"
Marta Martin Buenaposada, Senior Performance Marketing Manager


Shook and Eventbrite achieved impressive results in two highly competitive markets during the holiday season, particularly with the retargeting campaign that significantly undershot its target by 20-40%. Delivering 36 videos in 28 days, Shook helped Eventbrite successfully overcome the common issue of creative fatigue on TikTok.

Actionable Insights were also derived from this campaign. Content highlighting affordable activities, with visually engaging hooks and a hint of mystery, resonated well with the audiences. This was similarly observed in the US market, where content featuring outdoor settings and specific cities performed exceptionally well.

Another key takeaway from this collaboration was the importance of aligning media and creative strategies based on campaign types, and testing these within the same campaign structure. This effort proved the power of strategic creative experimentation and deep audience insights in optimizing TikTok campaigns. As a result, Eventbrite, with the workflow tools and platform expertise of Shook Digital, successfully connected more meaningfully with its audience, driving event discovery and engagement.







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