Custom Styles

We close the loop on performance and production

Shook helps bring advertisers better performance to short-form video through a modular approach to production, test and learn methodologies and rapid iteration.

UGC Modular Production

Proven performance marketing methodologies designed for TikTok

Customized campaigns built for maximum ROAS and efficiency

Enable creative testing precision

Creative Analysis

Key frame and module analysis

Concept and element testing

Robust test-and-learn frameworks

Rapid Iteration

Utilize performance data to craft and optimize UGC production continuously

Real-time feedback loops with Creators and in-market ads

How it works

We have built a smooth and quick process for ongoing short-video production


Based on your goals and TikTok spends, we build an optimal and efficient production plan designed just for your brand


We set up a creative process that enables a steady stream of high-performing UGC content


A steady stream of refreshed creatives ready to scale your advertising on TikTok.


Rapid iteration based on creative testing to drive incremental lift in ROAS

"We make sure our clients never run out of high-performing content"

Dimitri Eskelinen,  Creative Operations Manager

What our clients say

"Shook played a pivotal role in HelloFresh's lead generation efforts, crafting visually engaging campaigns that resonated with our audience. Their commitment to understanding our brand values and delivering impactful content surpassed our expectations, making them an invaluable partner in driving successful lead generation on this platform . Shook always go above and beyond! :)"

Julian Iacovone

Growth Marketing Executive, HelloFresh UK

"Kapten & Son had the opportunity to connect with Shook on a huge project. They connected us with UGC creators from 3 countries, who provided over 140 videos to create awareness for our bestselling products with a local flare. They were extremely flexible in adapting hooks and CTA’s for our sale phases.

We noticed increased CTR’s and higher ROAS during the month of November in 2023 from the UGC content provided by Shook. Their communication and feedback platform were very user-friendly; the entire Shook team was extremely fast-working and accommodating to our suggestions. Overall, a positive experience working with everyone at Shook Digital."

Sydney Snoeyenbos

Junior Performance Marketing Manager, Kapten & Son

"We had an outstanding experience working with the team at Shook on the TTCX initiative! They met us in person for the brief, set clear expectations, and their support and dedication throughout the process were exceptional. Communication was clear, and the team guided us to develop creatives that outperformed on our TikTok app install accounts. Revisions were fast and concise, considering our feedback, ‘glocal’ approach and unique requirements. Their native UI tool made collaboration easy as we were able to visualise the outcome of the creatives.Their expertise of performance marketing on Tiktok was evident in the results we achieved.  We look forward to continuing to work with them - thanks Shook!"

Melissa Ottoni

Senior Online Content Strategist, Delivery Hero

"It's been great working with Shook over the last few months. Their process to get high quality creative was seamless, with their platform easy to easy and our account managers going above and beyond. We're impressed with the outputs and look forward to see how we can continuously build on performance with them."

Florian Mayer

Co-Founder, FMK Compare GmbH

"Our experience with Shook has been great - from the initial meeting and brainstorming to the final delivery of the TikTok UGC. Shook’s team demonstrated a strong understanding of TikTok's unique audience and style of communication, and helped us to create engaging, eye-catching ads to drive traffic and conversions for Paired app. The team at Shook was professional, responsive, and collaborative throughout the entire process, and we would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to expand their reach and drive success through TikTok advertising."

Jessica Gotti

Head of Performance Marketing, Paired

"The Shook Digital team seamlessly brought our vision to life through a series of captivating TikTok ads. The entire process was smooth and remarkably swift, showcasing their expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality results. They were always open to iterating based on quick feedback and the result was amazing."

Marta Martin Buenaposada

Senior Performance Marketing Manager - Paid Social, Eventbrite

High-performing UGC content produced at scale

We are proud to connect TikTok-native creative talent with the leading performance advertisers on their global TikTok production every day.

See how we've helped KFC, Ed Sheeran and others to succeed on TikTok

Interested in improving your creative performance on TikTok?

FREE Ultimate Guide to Scaling UGC for TikTok Performance Marketing

Download the guide now and start scaling your UGC efforts for unparalleled performance.

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