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Key Features

Our platform enables smooth and quick management of ongoing short-video production

Streamlined collaboration

Easily plan, brief and review creatives provided by TikTok-native creators and expert short-form video producers.

Modular production

Scale your ad spend through modular production of short-form videos based on performance data, audience insights and platform trends.

Creative optimization

Transform your process and seamlessly organize your creative pipeline to scale your content creation, and gain clear visibility into your production process.

"Their commitment to understanding our brand values and delivering impactful content surpassed our expectations, making them an invaluable partner in driving successful lead generation on this platform. Shook always go above and beyond!"

Julian Iacovone - Growth Marketing Executive, HelloFresh UK

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As a Creative Optimization Platform user, you will be an early adopter to a first-generation creative management tool. Our features and workflows bring time savings and efficiency to critical campaigns. With our managed service, our clients get the highest-level support provided by Shook's expert creative, customer and technical teams. We build at the speed of TikTok and incorporate the feedback we get from our clients quickly.

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