Shook was founded by experienced marketing and technology professionals with expertise in serving the world’s leading performance and brand advertisers globally.

We solve the problems of scaling creative that performs at the speed of TikTok.

After working closely with select strategic partners and TikTok, we identified several acute challenges in the marketplace that weren’t being addressed at scale: Poor performing ads, creative fatigue, and creative learning.

So, we set out to build a platform that addressed how to produce TikTok-native content at the speed and scale required to meet or exceed our client’s performance goals.

We believe that by bringing efficiency, rapid iteration and expert data-analysis to the creative process, we will help forge the biggest transformation of the 2020s in advertising.

We close the loop on performance and production.

Customized creative production plan to fit your performance needs.
Building a process for a consistent flow of net-new and remixed content from start to finish.
On-going creative analysis to drive incremental ROAS over time.

World-class customer service experience all the way from concept to commerce.

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Jesse Ketonen

CEO & Co-Founder

Ville Saukkonen

CTO & Co-Founder

Sophia Pashchenko

Customer Success Lead

Marc-Oliver Meunier

Creative Operations Lead

David Weiner

Head of People & Marketing

Giorgio Scarabattoli

Director Growth & Partnerships