About Shook


In the near future, most consumer purchase decisions will be made by watching a video online.

To win in the era of hyper-personalized video feeds, advertisers will face the challenge of meeting the demands of each platform, different customer personas and videos that address the reasons their products exist in a way that is more interesting than their competitors or the most entertaining person in the class. Your products and videos compete with the ever-increasing amount of fun and informative content and the need to stay fresh at all times.

The requirements for scale and speed of video production will be bigger than ever. Without supportive technologies, it may fail in its efficiency or effectiveness in practice. 


Shook was founded by a team of experienced marketing technology professionals with experience in serving the world’s leading performance advertisers.

We aim to solve the future problem of scalable and data-driven creative video production that drives ad performance. 

We began our journey by running campaigns and studying what drives performance on TikTok. Shook’s solution is a conclusion to the most critical problem we identified during our research period:

How to produce TikTok native content at scale and phase that meets the platform requirements and client’s performance goals?

We believe bringing efficiency and science to the creative process is going to be the biggest transformation of the 2020s era in the advertising industry.

As an official TikTok partner, Shook offers early access to TikTok with learnings from past campaigns and TikTok best practices.

We provide technology-driven experience for brands and performance advertisers, building native creatives and optimized campaigns on TikTok. The solution will provide you with:

1. Personalized creative production plan & quote to fit your individual needs for TikTok.

2. Setting up pipelines for ongoing-flow of net-new content from start to finish.

3. On-going analysis and optimization of creative performance, which will drive incremental ROAS over time.

4. Clarity and support on your overall advertising strategy on TikTok and world-class customer service experience.