April 2, 2024

HelloFresh Lead Generation Campaign


HelloFresh, a popular meal-kit company, is known for providing reliable recipes, farm-fresh ingredients, and delicious meal possibilities. With an emphasis on convenience and quality, HelloFresh has become a go-to solution for busy individuals and families.


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Shook and HelloFresh teamed up through the TikTok Creative Exchange to launch their first Lead Generation Campaign on TikTok. HelloFresh sought to expand its client base in the United Kingdom and do so via TikTok, which is a primary channel for them and their customers.


To address creative fatigue and to position HelloFresh for future campaigns and productions, Shook created a strategic plan that included 20 net-new videos and two creators for one market. A 'Test and Learn' plan was also implemented to help determine what kinds of concepts, elements, and offers would perform best based on specific targeting criteria. By testing into creative production, HelloFresh was able to optimize its media spend and focus on the top-performing hook that focused on what consumers responded to best.

“Shook played a pivotal role in HelloFresh's lead generation efforts, crafting visually engaging campaigns that resonated with our audience. Their commitment to understanding our brand values and delivering impactful content surpassed our expectations, making them an invaluable partner in driving successful lead generation on this platform. Shook always go above and beyond! :)”

Julian Iacovone, Growth Marketing Lead at HelloFresh


The campaign proved successful with a cost per lead of £1.65, giving HelloFresh a high volume of qualified leads for conversion, indicating an effective and cost-efficient campaign based on their internal benchmarks and our data. Additionally, the CVR fell within the top 6% of the industry in the EU based on TikTok data! Most importantly, the client was thrilled.






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