March 3, 2023

Ed Sheeran and Fullsteam Agency


As the world began to emerge from the shadows of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ed Sheeran had announced the first leg of his highly anticipated "The Mathematics Tour," set to take place in stadiums throughout 2022. Fullsteam Agency and Shook Digital partnered to advertise the ticket sales for Sheeran's Helsinki Olympic Stadium concerts on TikTok in August 2022. This marked the first time that such concert and ticket sales were advertised on the platform, and the campaign was a resounding success - so much so that Sheeran had to add an additional concert due to overwhelming demand.






better view-through rate compared to generic concert promotion ad


Fullsteam Agency, a program agency and organizer of concerts and festivals based in Helsinki, joined forces with Shook Digital to utilize TikTok in their marketing campaign for the promotion of a large-scale concert. The goal of the campaign was to engage audiences and increase ticket sales through TikTok's in-feed ads. Fullsteam provided all the necessary details and information for the campaign, which Shook used to plan and set up the campaign structure. In order to provide a smooth and seamless buying experience for TikTok users, a collaboration with, a Finnish ticketing agency, was established.


Fullsteam Agency wanted to reach mass audiences especially interested in pop culture and music through TikTok. A plan was made utilizing the Auction based In-Feed ads. The first step of the campaign was the announcement of the upcoming ticket sales targeting audiences with:

  • Interest categories: Music, Concert, Concert tickets, Music festivals, Pop music
  • Engagement categories: Interaction with “Pop Culture or Talent” -creators, and users who’ve liked, shared, commented or watched “Entertainment & Culture” content on TikTok.

The second step was to reach all the available audiences for which we applied nationwide targeting with no exclusion settings. This enabled us to reach all the available audiences with direct interest to the industry and also interested users unbeknownst to Ed Sheeran's upcoming concert. 

Ed Sheeran himself provided us with two videos where he was on camera talking to the Finnish audiences. On top of that, Fullsteam provided us with a generic concert promotion ad: a showreel of Sheeran’s concerts with a Finnish voice over promoting the upcoming concert. These creatives were explicitly used throughout the campaign


The results of the campaign were impressive - within hours of the ticket sales advertisement going live, it became necessary to implement another campaign to promote the additional concert. The campaigns ran for a total of 23 days, generating approximately 3.5 million impressions and 32,000 clicks.

From the analysis of the campaign, it was found that TikTok's optimized creatives had a remarkably higher view-through rate compared to the generic concert promotion ad. In fact, there was a 6.8x difference between the two. 

Fullsteam Agency reported that TikTok was the amongst the most significant channels for driving ticket sales traffic for this concert, despite a limited pilot budget.


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