March 29, 2024

Championing Women's Football: Chelsea FC


Chelsea sought to capture the excitement of a broader audience and reached out to Shook to address the challenge. Working with the TikTok Creative Exchange, the main challenge for Chelsea was not just to draw attention to the team but to captivate an audience and drive greater interest amongst a broader group of fans.


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The goal of our partnership was to craft a campaign that would energize the fanbase of Chelsea, engaging with fans on a deeper level and driving up matchday attendance. By weaving the club's narrative into every script module, highlighting specific features of the stadium, and delivering a compelling call to action from the team’s Captain, we aimed to turn the spotlight onto the exciting world of women's football and drive action.


We initiated a creative campaign, producing an engaging and wide variety of content that reflected the club's energetic and bold spirit. Utilizing three hooks, two body modules, and one strong call-to-action, Chelsea aimed to establish a foundation of content and insights that would help deliver the necessary results while delivering the learnings that could be utilized in future campaigns. The approach was deployed:

  1. Vibrant Storytelling: Crafting a narrative that captured the experience of a Chelsea game whilst showcasing some of the unique aspects of Stamford Bridge.
  2. Strategic Engagement: Initiating conversations, fueling debates, and celebrating victories with a community-driven approach.
  3. Tailored Content: Fine-tuning our messages to reflect the club's unique voice, ensuring that every word and image resonated with the intended audience.


The outcome of the collaboration was remarkable, with impressive performance compared to benchmarks and industry averages. For each variation, conversions were quite high. All CVR fell within the top 2% of the industry with an average conversion rate of nearly 68+%!

Their impact on game attendance and season ticket sales was also notable, with our customer saying, “The tracking and approach by Shook Digital for this campaign not only enabled us to deliver great results against our performance benchmarks, but the impact to our bottom line was noticeable! Shook Digital put us in a great position to be able to reach, engage, and drive action from a completely new audience, and the impact was impressive.”

In partnership with Shook Digital, Chelsea not only bolstered their presence but redefined the engagement metrics for women's football on TikTok. Through inventive storytelling and targeted digital strategies, we have set a new benchmark for how sports clubs can interact with and expand their fan base.


Chelsea FC




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