March 5, 2023

Airtrack Nordic - TikTok direct response ads in Germany


Airtrack Nordic is a manufacturer of premium inflatable AirTracks used and loved by athletes. Airtrack Nordic partnered up with Shook Digital to boost their sales through TikTok ads in the summer season. In a holdout test that left some parts of the country out, the regions with TikTok ads received 63% more transactions across all channels compared to regions with no ads.


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Airtrack Nordic, a global manufacturer of AirTracks owned by Nordic multi-brand house IP Agency, partnered with Shook Digital to pilot TikTok advertising to boost sales through their own eCommerce store, in the German market. With their AirTracks having a significant foothold in the Nordic market, Aitrack Nordic wanted to boost their sales in the German market by expanding their marketing activities to new channels. 

A campaign plan was built around native creatives created for TikTok together with the Shook creative team and managed content creators. Also, a regional split test was set up to measure the uplift of TikTok advertising on product sales. 


A plan was made utilizing the Auction In-Feed ads. Both regular in-feed ads as well as eCommerce specific collection ads were tested in the campaign. The campaign plan included a geographic split of the audience in order to measure the uplift of TikTok advertising on sales. Majority of the German regions were shown TikTok ads vs. a control group of regions was excluded from the TikTok campaign. This way, we would be able to see whether an uplift from TikTok ads can be seen in the total sales in the German market.

To showcase its product and the key USPs, Aitrack Nordic assigned Shook Digital to produce tailored creative videos for TikTok using different angles. Creator-made infomercial-type videos as well as a humorous TikTok native video were produced alongside a showcase video of the product in action. 

Engaged TikTok users were led either to TikTok’s new Collection Ads pages linked to AirTracks product catalog or directly to the online store to get to know more about the product and later place their orders. 

Shook optimized the bidding, targeting and creatives through the campaign. 


When analyzing the total volume of purchases across all sources in Google Analytics, a 63% lift in purchases was seen within regions where TikTok ads were shown vs. the control group regions where no TikTok ads were shown.

However, since AirTracks are not typically an impulse purchase item, most of these purchases were not attributed to TikTok ads but rather to channels that typically benefit from a last-click attribution model, like direct traffic and search. It is therefore vital to measure TikTok’s sales impact not only with directly counted conversions but also in a more holistic manner. 

Overall, the campaign reached 1,35 million Germans and drove 21 500 clicks with an average CPC of only 0,32€.   


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