May 10, 2024

Expanding Reach with impact on TikTok - Bolt


Bolt, a prominent ride-hailing service, aimed to reach TikTok users across multiple markets and highlight its convenient services. By utilizing our Creative Optimization Platform, Bolt partnered with Shook to create a comprehensive campaign designed to connect with TikTok’s younger, tech-savvy demographic.






Cost Per Unique Users Reached


Bolt sought to run a brand awareness campaign in eight countries and four languages. The campaign's goal was to effectively reach TikTok users, increase engagement, and showcase Bolt's services in a relatable way. The focus was on producing localized content, ensuring smooth integration with TikTok's dynamic platform, and achieving significant reach while maintaining a low cost per acquisition.


Solution:Shook designed a comprehensive strategy, delivering assets modified for each country and language, ensuring smooth execution across all markets. Key elements of the solution included:

Creator Collaboration: Shook identified four creators, each selected for their ability to produce authentic, engaging content that resonates with Bolt's target demographic. These creators produced 8 videos in total, with each country receiving two videos, and English versions being reused in multiple markets.

AI Voiceover Localization: Utilizing the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, Shook deployed generative AI to translate audio content so Bolt could efficiently reach customers in their local language without significantly increasing production timelines or costs.

Creative Concepts: The campaign featured two primary creative concepts. The first was a dialogue-driven approach, with creators speaking directly to the camera, highlighting Bolt's benefits and addressing common problems in a humorous manner. The second concept was silent, incorporating AI-driven localizations, presenting Bolt's services through relatable, everyday scenarios.

Production Strategy: The campaign's production strategy included dynamic hooks, engaging body content, and compelling calls to action. The dialogue-driven approach worked effectively for specific markets, while the silent concept resonated in others, particularly with its emphasis on everyday problems and positive interactions during rides.

Localized Implementation: The campaign’s multilingual approach ensured that content was relevant to each market, incorporating language-specific nuances and cultural elements. This localization, coupled with dynamic storytelling, ensured a seamless connection between Bolt’s offerings and TikTok users.

“Working with the Shook team was incredibly seamless. They communicate quickly and efficiently, always ready to assist. The Shook Creative Optimization Platform further expedited the process, enabling us to review and approve everything with just a few clicks. Shook's intelligent strategy and captivating storytelling facilitated broad audience engagement, strengthening Bolt's presence across different markets. The insights we acquired will shape our future initiatives.”

Aljona L., Performance Marketing Specialist, Bolt


The campaign delivered impressive results, with significant improvements with many key metrics, including:

-- 20.0% lower cost per 1,000 users reached

-- 55.9% lower cost per complete view

-- 19.7% lower CPM







Target market:

8 EU Markets