Shook Platform Beta Access

We are calling for modern performance advertisers who are looking for solutions for improving the performance of their TikTok ads.

We have launched a closed beta of our modern creative SaaS for managing workflows in performance driven TikTok content production and optimization.

Most valuable beta features

1. Streamlined collaboration

Easily plan, brief and review creatives provided by TikTok native creators and producers

2. Modular creative design

Scale your creative production with modular planning and production of videos

3. Creative performance reporting

Understand how your creatives perform and turn the insights into action in your through creative iteration

Why request access to Shook Platform?

As a platform beta user, you will be one of the early adopters of modern tech-driven short-video production. All beta clients get granted the highest-level service provided by Shook's creative and technical teams. In return, we will ask for feedback that will be crucial to developing the features that our clients need. 

”If you’re looking for a creative partner to work with that you can trust - look no further! Their platform was very straightforward and easy to navigate and the entire process was a breeze! I honestly feel so lucky to have worked with Shook and would 100% recommend them to any other.”
Samantha, Platform beta user

Request access to Shook Platform's beta version

If you want to join the Shook platform beta, please fill the form and we will be in touch.