Scalable short video production paired with data and science

Shook Digital helps performance advertisers drive incremental results with TikTok ads by optimizing creative operations. 

Shook helps advertisers drive revenue with TikTok Ads through creative performance.

If you are struggling with improving the return on ad spend of your TikTok ads, scaling your ad spends to drive more sales, or saving costs on short-video production, Shook Digital can help.

Did you know that to succeed with TikTok ads, you need: 

· Refresh your creatives every 7-14 days

· Ongoing testing of new creatives and process to scale the top performing ads

· Truly TikTok native UGC creatives that won’t get your ads skipped and money wasted

How it works


Based on your goals and TikTok spends, we help you build an optimal production plan for TikTok Ads


We set up a creative process that follows TikTok's performance marketing best practices


You will get frequently refreshed creatives to scale you advertising on TikTok


Creatives are optimized iteratively to drive incremental lift in ROAS

We have worked with

Tiktok-native creative assets delivered across over 10 markets

We are proud to connect TikTok native creative talent with the leading performance advertisers on their global TikTok production every day.

See how we've helped KFC, Ed Sheeran and others to succeed on TikTok

On TikTok, every second of a video matters.

Did you know, that videos between 21 and 34 seconds tend to get more impressions on TikTok? Or that ad creatives tailored to TikTok can perform 5x better than non-tailored ads? We help advertisers win by knowing more.

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